TOO FAST – No not again. I forgot my blog the whole summer long. Shame on me again. But I’ve got an acceptable excuse.. I was travelling for more than a month in total. After my internship ended on June 30th, I started to live my life to the fullest and enjoy this summer. Let’s start with my first vacation, which was in Malaga with my boy. I loved the chilling, delicious food, tanning, making silly go pro videos in the sea and laughing so much with him by my side. We came back with a glowing tan (summer goals check).

After two days being back in Switzerland I had to pack my baggage for 3 weeks in China! It has been 5 years since my last visit to my homeland. I was excited to go there with a bunch of Chinese living in Switzerland. Although the contents of the daily programms were boring most of the time (I didn’t understand Mandarin at all), I met a lot of nice people around the world. A camp always has to end too fast, but with a lot of unforgettable moments. Saying goodbye was sad for everyone.

That’s not it. After China I came back home for just one day and returned after that to Asia. I know this sounds crazy and stupid and everything (had to listen to this a few times by now) but I went to Tokyo with my sister for my last trip this summer. You can imagine, my sleeping routines were so messed up, I think I didn’t really sleep for four days! Luckily my jetlag didn’t last long so I could finally enjoy my vacations after that. This city is crazy and very cool. I think the Japanese are one of the kindest people in the world. Seriously, I have never felt that secure and welcoming in a foreign city. The food was of course A+, even though I had a lot of raw food there (fish, meat, egg….) my stomach was still fine. I had to eat all the delicious things I saw, because I lost a lot of weight after China. We loved to do the typical Japanese What a nice city and it was absolutely worth the long flights!

That was it from my side. I’ve been to so many new places and met great people, it’s so sad that August is ending, which automatically means for me that summer is over. September please be a good one. Especially wish me luck in my first year in University! Now I’m off to the lake (yep no fancy beach in Switzerland sadly)



PLEASE EXCUSE. I’m the worst. I couldn’t write an everyday blog just after two days. Please just forget the idea. I keep writing this blog whenever I want.

What’s been keeping me busy this week? Interior design ❤ You should see me clicking through all the pretty homes on pinterest. This also got me to do some researches on IKEA. How great is it, that on the next weekend Ikea offers promos on all outdoor furniture! I can already see me hanging on our pretty balcony all summer long. So excited, it’s going to be fun and also a lot of work!

Home Story

❤ I want my living room to look like this! I’m in love with the mix between white, yellow and beautiful wood.


LET’S SEE.. – for how long can I write everyday-posts? I wanna know. (Please excuse if the content gets boring, it’s just impossible to live an adventurous life on every single day)

It’s Friday, nothing better than that! We’ve got sunny 30 degrees and I’m enjoying the company of my fan. He keeps me cool in the office. I packed my bathing stuff for today, just in case I feel like jumping in to the cold lake or river. What are my plans for the weekend? Chill vibes only. Enjoying the beautiful weather and delicious swiss ice cream, I guess.

hot beach gurls inspo ❤

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